Photography Tours in Amsterdam & beyond...



    "The best tour I've ever been on!"

    D. Newsholme, USA


    Would you like to learn how to take better photographs, while exploring Amsterdam?

    Then you have come to the right place!

    I’m here to show you all the great places where you can get the best photos, while teaching you how to improve your photography.

    I will also explain my philosophy on what makes a great photo (hint - it’s not the ‘camera’!). Something that will help you in all your future travel photography.


    This tour is perfect for absolute beginners, right through to semi-pro photographers. You are welcome to come along with your camera-phone, or digital camera of any size and make.

    From iPhone to Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Leica, Panasonic - you name it - everyone will enjoy this tour and learn something new!

    As for the tour itself, we can hit the most famous iconic spots, or find some of those ‘secret Amsterdam’ places that I have found here.

    Sound like your kind of tour? Check out the details...


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    Once you book, the tour is all yours!​

    With the private tours, the price shown is for the time with me.

      • If you are by yourself, or a group of 2, or up to 4 people, you will have the tour to yourselves.
        The price is the same regardless of the number of people (up to 4).

      • I never mix groups of people that don't know each other. This way, you get the best possible tour and learning experience.

      ​What's Included:

      • Live commentary

      • Great views

      • Expert Photography Advice


      What's Not Included:

      • Gratuities

      • Food and drinks

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      What To Bring:

      • Camera or SmartPhone

      • Comfortable footwear

      • Jacket or umbrella

      • Spare batteries / charger

      • Sense of adventure and willingness to learn​


      • A tripod and filters can be supplied for your use on the day.

      • Be sure to let us know ahead of time if you would like to use one. Or if you would like to try them out if you never have before.​

      Choosing the right Tour:

      There are so many great sights in and around Amsterdam! I will take you to the best spots for photography, so unless you have specific locations in mind, you can leave it to me. I will show you the most photogenic places!

      The more time we have together, the more of the great sights we will see, and the more we can talk about photography. That's the easiest way to help you decide.

      The Free Tour starts at 10am.
      Other tours usually start in the afternoon. We will arrange the details with you directly.

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    • For Questions or to Book...

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    • Can't Make It To Amsterdam?

      But Still Want To Learn How To Improve Your Photography...

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      10 hours of video training

      If you want to learn how to level up your photography, there's no better way than meeting me in person ;) The next best thing is to watch my new video training course! It's broken down into 5 chapters, with a bunch of training videos inside each chapter. The videos are a maximum of 5 minutes long, so it's easy to keep focused on each topic, and to follow along at your own pace. With that said, there is lots of content!

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      Multiple Versions

      There are currently 3 editions of my new E-Book, depending on your needs:

      • Camera Edition
      • Phone Edition
      • Lite Edition
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      How-To Guide

      Step-By-Step Instructions

      Want to know how to take photos of the stars, or learn about long exposure photography? Maybe you have always wanted to get more out of your camera, but never knew where to start? This step-by-step instructional guide will help you with more than 40 different types of photography, plus tips on filters and how to use them, and some practical tips on camera gear and digital management. All in an easy-to-follow format. Get your copy now!

    • About Me

      Olaf Reinen - Your Photography Tour Guide

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      Let me tell you a little about myself, and why I am super happy to share Amsterdam with you, and help you get great photographs of this amazing city!


      I love photography. There's no denying it. I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years, and run photography tours for the last 10 years. This is my real passion - helping you get better at taking photographs. Photos you love and are proud of. If I can help you be better at taking photos by the end of our time together, then I am happy. And I love Amsterdam and showing you all the best places to take photos.


      Many of my clients have told me I am a gifted teacher, able to make photography easy to understand for everyone. I take this as a real compliment, and confirmation that I am really doing what I was born to do.


      But that's not all. I also love to travel and explore new countries. 45 countries so far. Just for fun I also trained in off-road driving, and am a qualified Professional driver. I also trained to be a bodyguard, which turned out to help me in my photography (you will have to come on a photo tour to find out how!).


      I was born right here in Holland, but grew up in New Zealand, so my first language is English. While New Zealand was a great place to grow up, I wanted to explore the world. So, in search of adventure and a warmer climate, I ended up in Malta, then Santorini, Greece for 10 years. But in my heart, Holland was calling, so I returned 'home'.


      To help more people, I have written an ebook about my approach to photography - distilling my years of experience into a practical method to improve our photography skills. I have spent a lot of time thinking about human behavior and it's effect on how we photograph, which is the basis of the book. There's also a video training series now available too.


      So join me on a Photo Tour in Amsterdam. You'll learn how to take better pictures, get to see some more of this beautiful world, and maybe have some fun along the way. After all, that's what life should be about!